Maer Dauldon

Maer Dauldon is the heart of Gildorym, a busting Metropolis filled with beggars, nobles and merchants alike. It was founded by a traveling noble that had fled from the city of Waterdeep. He wanted to establish a new reign on the island of Gildorym. This noble was named Maer Dauldon, he and his men made camp in the middle of the island. They were attacked by large hordes of lycans and many fell on that grave day. Maer Dauldon himself was dragged off by one of these vile beasts.

As dawn arrived and the few survivors that remained looked upon the horizon they were met by a blessed sight. A boat was traveling towards them, on the boat was Maer Dauldons son. Richard Longstride. He had sold their remaining property to afford an expedition and a crew. His goal was to locate his father and save the family name.

He was met by a terrible sight, bodies were strewn everywhere, both man and beast. As the news of his father disapperance reached Richard he was struck by a terrible anger. He ordered his men to slay every native on the entire island. After the grusome deed was finished he began erecting huge walls around the small settlemen they had made. He named it after his father and sent news to Waterdeep of his discovery. Trade began to flourish and Maer Dauldon soon began to grow into the town it is today. It is now ruled by King Richard Longstride, first king of Gildorym.

Locations of interest:

The keep of Maer Dauldon:

The keep is the residence of King Richard of Gildorym and his wife Queen Yana of Gildorym, there they can often be seen working hard with coordinating their subjects and advisors. Many nobles can be seen running back and forth between their lands and the keep as the king wants to be aware of everything that is happening in his kingdom. The keep also contains the Grand Steward's office, a jail and the only mage tower in Maer Dauldon.