Maer Dauldon Longstride, a noble from Waterdeep, heard rumors of the treasures and unpopulated lands not far in the Korrin Archipelagio. Deciding that he had no opportunity of gaining power in Waterdeep, he planned an expedition to archipelagio to find an isle worth colonizing. After weeks of sailing, it seemed their search was cursed, and even more so when Umberlee was displeased and threw the small fleet into a storm. The storm wrecked the fleet, landing Maer Dauldon's vessel on the shores of a strange new land. Collecting what resources he had left and carrying his sick and wounded from the ravaged vessel, he made his way inland, through dark woods until he found a peninsula of grassland. With no way of escaping he began building homesteads and farms as a means to survive.

He began ordering the exploration of the isle, sending out scouts to the four corners. They returned with news of a Tribe, who called themselves the People of the Black Blood Tribe. Simple folk with not much in the way of technology. But it was at night he found out why. Since the tribe discovered the location of the settlers, attacks of wolfmen began to launch themselves against the cluster of buildings. The first attack was fought off, but many more came, stronger and larger then the last. Eventually Maer Dauldon himself was struck down and dragged off into the night. It wasnt long before all hope was thought lost, when a lone ship was spotted on the horizon.

The ship contained his son, Richard Longstride, with a retinue of hired men, searching for his Father. After hearing news of his fathers disapearance, he sent men across the land, searching every corner of the isle for the tribe, slaughtering every man, woman and child until not one remained. They called it the cleansing of a disease. But with it, no evidence of Maer Dauldon was found. He was also told by the settlers that Maer Dauldon wished to name the isle after his late wife. Gildorym.

And so 7 years on, the settlement grows strong. The retinue of men returned home, paid well and sending word to Waterdeep that the isle had land and riches. Richard erected huge battlements to defend the town should any lycanthropy epidemic arise. Trade flourishes and the town Prospers. He decided to name the town after his father, in his memory, convinced is now too far gone to be alive.

How you fit in: There are multiple ways you can fit into this story. If you're Human you can start as a resident with the knowledge of the lore above in mind. However, there weren't many other races in the initial settlement. So other races must choose the alternative.

The other option, is you have heard word of land and riches in Waterdeep, you joined the latest expedition to the isle in hopes of exploiting this and making a better life.